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Get it in Chico

Get Connected

It’s time to get out and rediscover your city

This is an important moment for Chico’s economic health. As the COVID pandemic recedes, local businesses need your help to get back. It’s a good moment for you to get out and get reacquainted with our city.

It’s time to mix and mingle, to sip a latte downtown, to join friends at a favorite restaurant, to make purchases in big and small stores, boutiques and big-box stores.

When you buy in Chico, you are saying yes to the idea that a small pioneer town can continue to be a great place to live.

Get It In Chico is about us stepping up and stepping out to fulfill our roles as community members.

“Consumers are looking for more than something to buy. They are looking for something to buy into: an idea, behavior, experience, product or service that represents their lifestyle, interests and values.”

–Chico Mayor
Andrew Coolidge