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Get it in Chico

Over 200 local business listed.

Find It. Buy It. Get It. Love It In Chico.

Chico has IT.

Welcome to Get It In Chico, your new, go-to site for local shopping

What is Chico’s IT factor? It’s diversity. Creativity. Community spirit. And a wide array of local businesses.

Let us tell you about our “Get It In Chico” program.

  • Your Task?

    Pretty simple. And fun. Shop local. Do IT in stores big and small. Do IT at boutiques and national chains. Do IT downtown and throughout town. Just do IT in Chico.

  • Why?

    For one, local businesses need your help post-pandemic and post-recession. By helping them, you help yourself and everyone in your community. When you buy local, you keep your sales-tax dollars and personal spending dollars in Chico to build a better community for everyone.

We all love Chico.

Let’s rekindle our pioneer spirit and join together in nurturing our community.